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January 5, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…

… don’t eat after eight.

I noticed yesterday that I weigh a little over 200 pounds. I’ve noticed clothes were getting a little tight for a while, so… I will Post a series of small steps anyone can take to loose weight – a little or a lot. They will be steps one could take if they wanted to get healthy also but, in this case, the goal will be to loose about 10 pounds. Whatever the BMI chart says, I know that the rest is solid muscle:-)

There is a long list of functions that your body does, or should be doing at any given time throughout the day and night (I should throw in “all things being equal”, which assumes a healthy functioning nerve system, and adequate calories, nutrition, etc.).

Obesity got listed as a disease a few years back. It’s endemic and leading to all sorts of other serious ill health effects (like increased back pain). Yet a casual look around suggests it’s pretty easy to ignore and get used to. I share these habits because they work, if you want to loose weight. Your current health status, weight-wise or otherwise, is the product of a long list of habits over a long period of time (probably).

At night and through the night there are digestion and detoxification processes that take place; there are also sleep-cycle processes and many many more. By stopping your eating before eight o’clock you are allowing your body to do what it naturally wants to do anyway. By eating after 8 p.m. you interfere with these processes and they are relatively ineffective or incomplete when the sun comes up and it’s time to think about waking up and starting a new day. (A habit of interfering with the bodies natural rhythms will result in sickness of one kind or another.)

This habit of not eating after 8 p.m. was made famous by folks in the Natural Hygienic movement, like Jethro Kloss who wrote Back to Eden, his protege’ Jack LaLane, as well as the Diamond couple who wrote Fit for Life.

It’s a simple move. It costs nothing. It will help you get used to having an empty stomach – a feeling that needs to become Ok. (Contrast that with the feeling of satisfaction (emotional?) that comes from a stomach that feels full.)



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