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January 7, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight

…don’t eat before 8!

Breakfast is about “breaking the fast” between supper and the morning meal. This gives your body time do what needs doing before having to deal with all that eating implies.

I have always found breakfast to be the toughest meal to do in a healthy way – if you have issues with grains, and don’t want to do the bacon and eggs thing, your options get kind of limited quick.

That’s why I recommend breakfast as the perfect Green Drink time. It’s as healthy as it gets, quick, easy and a great way to break the fast.

I also thought of a number of other little healthy habits that go along with loosing weight and being healthy:

Small portions. If you have smaller more reasonably sized portions you may not eat as much. At some level it’s all about calories in verses calories burned. There is no need to go for COSTCO portions. That’s a suckers move that lets the marketers win.

Chew. Made famous in the early 1900’s by a doctor named Fletcher, chewing does a number of helpful things on both counts: health and weight loss. First, the early stages of digestion like breaking the food down into tiny pieces and mixing it with digestive enzymes in your saliva are achieved. Second, it takes time – so your stomach is filling and you are getting the “filling” and “full” signals from the brain in time to stop eating before you have over eaten. It was said that chewing you ford 32 times was the key and that you should “drink” your food.

There was a trick mentioned once where you get into the habit of setting down your spoon or fork after taking each bite. Try that!

Earn your meal. By working out first thing (or before you eat anyway) in the morning, you get your metabolism into high gear earlier than would otherwise happen. This is big. It’s a great way to get going, though I understand that not everyone is a morning person. Try doing your Figure 8 exercises for your neck and working your stomach. It’s also good to do some sort or cardio like exercise if you can manage it. I do Tai chi of course and that works perfectly.



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