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January 10, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…

…get a mate.

Most everyone who starts out with a plan to loose weight includes an EXERCISE component. And often it’s a good idea to have a workout buddy who can inspire and motivate as well as help with accountability. It’s often more fun that way too!

In the interest of safety I will mention that most people begin exercise programs that they are not physically able to do, or do for very long anyway. Most people don’t understand progressions and therefore don’t “start where they are.” (Search “Progressions” here to see a list of good Posts)

A good story about someone who did start where she was is the gal who started by just walking in place during TV commercials. After a while she walked during the programs and rested during the commercials. Later she advanced to more difficult exercises, gradually, and eventually she was running – she lost lots of weight and got famous of course.

The point is, you show me a person who needs to loose weight and I will show you a person who likely also needs chiropractic care (they are subluxated), is more de-conditioned than they realize, and has issues that would affect what they would be best suited to do in terms of exercise (e.g., ankle, knee or hip issues that suggest against anything that involves running).

In the context of getting a mate, the risk goes up if you are not well matched: you may try to keep up with them when you can’t or visa versa. But doing your program in the context of a “support group” whether of one or many is one of the features of many of the successful programs that are out there (both programs mentioned below offer the “group” aspect feature for instance).

Here might also be a good place to point out that I think the goal of “loosing weight” is a poor choice in the first place. Most people want to be healthier; they want to look better; they want to function better, or they want to address a specific health issue which has developed as a result of many factors – one of which is too much fat for the amount of muscle they have.

That’s generally the real issue: what’s called body:fat ratio. You want a smaller percentage of your body weight to be made of up fat.

Starting with a goal to address the body:fat ratio is much more likely to be successful, meaningful long term, and healthier. And here is where the whole get-a-healthier-lifestyle approach comes from. The strategies that work for weightloss long-term all have several features in common. I mentioned that when I introduced the UltraLite Weight Loss Program, and when I talked about the JuicePlus+ Transform30 Program (they both include many of the same successful features). It is so much wiser to pursue health rather than fight disease.

I will pick up on this body:fat ratio thing later, this has gotten long enough. Call us if you have questions: (425) 348-5207.


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