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January 11, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…

… Hydrate!

The majority of you is water. Water is center stage in any bodily function you want to name – elimination and detoxification, digestion, respiration, concentration, etc., and not having enough water readily on hand for the body to use is a factor on the way to poor health and disease (by a variety of names).

Water first thing in the morning has recently received positive press partly because it’s a great way to replenish the water lost in a night’s sleep (exhaling water all night with each breath). Water that’s not too hot and not too cold is best for obvious reasons (think shock!).

Water with meals probably isn’t such a great idea because it may dilute the digestive juices too much. But between meals you can drink drink drink.

Given the importance of water: that you are mostly water and need to take in so much (one half once to a pound of body weight each day as a rough start), it follows that the quality of the water you drink will impact how well it is used by your body. On that score there are a slew of poor choices for a lot of reasons that you can look into by searching this Blog using “Kangen, Kangen, Kangen,” and reading any one of the Posts on that subject. I recommend Kangen water. Short of that a very good filter on tap water that is considered “hard” would be your best place to start. Actually, if I were you and wanted to loose weight I would find someone with a Kangen water machine and drink their water, or think about getting a machine yourself.

Think about what it would be like for your body if you tried loosing weight and all that that entails and you did it without drinking enough water? How well is that going to go? Water is there to carry out the waste of each cell and to carry in the nutrients that each cell needs. The better the water, the better that works.

Unfortunately, you can go low on water for a long time and unless you are aware you won’t even know it. Why take the chance? Just drink enough water.


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