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January 12, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…


… lift weight!

In this very important respect your extra weight is a blessing. You don’t have to go anywhere or pick anything up. Your body weight provides ample resistance for strength training. From box squats to lunges, from push ups to side bridges you have what it takes to provide the resistance to add muscle mass.

And adding muscle mass is one of the very best strategies for managing weight – I can’t think of a better one in fact. That’s one reason I became a Nautilus Certified Strength trainer in the early 1990’s, and one reason I took the Kettlebell Course in Seattle in October (Here is a related Post). For every extra pound of muscle you can put on you will be burning many more calories every day all day after that. And you can put on about three pounds of muscle in about twelve weeks safely with a little bit of coaching.

So you lift weight to add muscle. And you lift weight to burn calories. Once you are fit enough to pick up the pace you can cycle your exercises in a circuit and decrease your rest times (gradually, very gradually) until your well into your aerobic training zone and burning lots of calories in relatively short time periods (at the same time you are building that muscle we were talking about).

I can hear you now, “But where do I start”? You start with basic movements that you do everyday already, like bending and lifting, getting up and down off the ground. Learn to do these movements correctly, then do them over and over in exercises like the ones mentioned above. Almost everyone needs basic spinal stability in order to get the core strength to do almost anything else that they would normally think of doing under the heading of exercise, so do that. (You can search any of these BOLD terms on this Blog to find a series of Posts on the subject.)

Just be care. Learn the basics and build a foundation. Then go from there if you want to eventually achieve normal levels of fitness and then move on from there if you choose. (And I say normal meaning what a person of your age and gender should be able to do, not what’s commonly found in the average out of shape population. These normal values are known and I always test folks to determine where they are relative to where they should be before talking about what they ought to be doing for exercise – weight loss wise or otherwise.) There are all on the net too BTW, so they aren’t secrets.


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