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January 13, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…

… meditate!

Weigh loss is a head game for most people (well, almost everyone). Meditating allows for all kinds of breakthroughs as you access the issues surrounding your weight. Think on it. Notice the feelings that come up. Try to feel the feelings, and not think too much (the analyzing, judging, commentary that you are used to is a habit that hasn’t served you too well perhaps). Let the feels play themselves out and new (original) thoughts will surface – thoughts derived from new awareness.

Here is a Post that relates to this. Some say it’s my best Post ever. In this case the automatic response might be to eat… and eat… and eat. The emotional satisfaction that comes from the visceral feeling of being full (as in belly is full of food) is well known to many people with weight issues. Sound familiar? Meditation will help you make conscious choices.


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