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February 2, 2015

My Notes From Last Week’s Kangen Water Demo

The corn beef and cabbage was amazing BTW!

Kangen Water Demo            ——           January 28, 2015, Shawn O’Donald’s

Google “bottled water contaminants” for citations… see the movie “Tapped”.

Bad news: Today’s water is the OPPOSITE of what water originally was like.

Oxidizing = stealing (electrons)

Anti-oxidizing = giving back energy (electrons

President was here last mo./or week… American Anti-Cancer Institute (see www.americanaci.org)

Blood effects of Kangen water – it’s all about the electrical charge… therefore you may not feel it… or it may take a while.

Blood pH – 7.365 give or take only a tiny little bit (6.9 pH and you die!) The body will steal from Peter (bones, etc.) to pay Paul (blood).

Tap water has the residue of about 60 different drugs in it, on average.

There are 75 Trillion cells in the body – they all need water to bring in nutrients and remove wastes.

CANCER: right now 1 out of 2 men; 1 out of 3 women.

Reverse Osmosis water has no minerals.

Water is the trucking system of the body.


Two ways to create alkaline water: Chemicals or electrolysis – Kangen isn’t chemicals!

There are 7 large TITANIUM plates in the SD501


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