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February 24, 2015

Do The Math On Where To Buy Your Supplements

Some people say that our JP+ supplements are expensive. (For some reason the primary research support of claims made and the third party endorsements of quality just aren’t compelling.) To that I usually agree – unless you compare it to the cost of not being healthy – sickness is really expensive – if you do the math.

Others believe that they get the same thing at a bargain price by buying at Walmart, GNC, Target or other retail stores.

You may want to re-think what you get for what you pay – depending on what results you are really after. Don’t take my word for any of this though – gather some facts for yourself.

Click here if you want to buy some of those expensive JuicePlus+ supplements – the ones with more research than any other, with third party endorsement of what is and what is not in them; and the ones that result in a very predictable (clinically proven actually) list of health benefits.


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