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March 16, 2015

If You Want To Lose Weight…

… eat grapes!

Well… grapes, among other foods (e.g., apples) are said to be Catabolic, meaning they provide less calories than it takes for your body to digest and assimilate them. There are detractors who want more science before endorsing such claims; and there are big shot medical establishments sitting on that fence (this article mentions the Mayo Clinic).

Remembering that we are told to eat 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, there are other reasons a person wanting to loose weight might choose either grapes or apples – they also are said to decrease appetite: that can be good right?

I think that all begs a completely different question: what should you be eating?

People pursuing health are wise to work on creating their own personal health food list. This is the list of foods you know are good for you in particular based on whatever filter (or filters) make sense to you to use. Here are some filters to consider: blood type, alkaline, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, fermented, etc.

I began creating my list back when Eat Right For Your Blood Type came out, or shortly after. I know it’s not a great great book, and not greatly written, but it was a very good starting point. And when it comes to this, trial and error, and sensitivity to how your body responds (short as well as long term – they may mean different things) is the final gold standard.


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