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April 6, 2015

The Sock Drawer

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A patient and I were talking about his exercises. He wasn’t doing the ones I gave him but he was doing several – a couple that I would never recommend because they put the low back into flexion, increase the stress on the lowest disc in the spine, and put the back in a very high risk situation. Anyway we had to discuss that but, in the course of the conversation, the sock drawer came up…

And the question of why the socks would be in the lowest drawer. Good question. Put the stuff you handle everyday (or all day every day, even moreso) at the level of between the knees and the shoulders. Then always maintain your neutral spine when bending, even if you are only bending over far enough to do dishes.

Remember that the lower you go into a bend and lift event, the more you have to sink your weight into your heels and pull your hips back. If none of this makes sense be sure to talk with me about it on your next visit. We all go through the bend and lift motion every day. Do it wrong a million times and you get hurt, eventually. Do it correctly a million times and you stay fit and healthy and out of pain.

Then you can get to the socks no matter what drawer they are in:-)



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