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May 9, 2015

From Pain To Ping Pong


A recently new patient was in yesterday. He’s been seen enough times to be out of pain and he is doing the basic spine exercises regularly without problems.

So he asks if he can play tennis…

Here’s the deal. When it doesn’t hurt it’s easy to think it’s Ok. It isn’t. It wasn’t even “Ok” before it started hurting: it was dysfunctional and probably degenerating (It may already have reached the diseased state – think arthritis). Out of pain and doing basic mobility exercises is a very long was from playing tennis and getting away with it. Playing tennis (or Ping Pong) at this point is an invitation to RELAPSE.

So when it isn’t hurting is precisely the time to REHABILITATE. That means gradual progressions in activity and demand stopping at each progression to spend plenty of time so that your body responds all the way and adapts completely to the new demands.

It goes without saying (but I will say it) that a review of your body mechanics (how you move, especially bending, lifting, squatting, and getting up and down off the ground) has already been accomplished by this stage and any corrections made so that you are now “training”  (or re=training) proper movement patterns.

Sure, I know it’s hard to find help with these aspects of your RECOVERY. But if these steps are not taken, you won’t have a recovery. You will have the typical NATURAL HISTORY of back pain that most people have. You don’t want to be typical in this case.

Call if you need assistance: (425) 348-5207.

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