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May 23, 2015

My Teaching Is “Generous”

A Tai Chi student made that comment that other day. I didn’t really know what was meant by it, so I asked, and we got to discuss what it means to be a teacher or a student.

As a mostly, if not all, Asian student, with a history of Asian martial arts under his belt, this student comes to the conversation with a certain point of view: one that is pretty generous toward me the teacher, by the way, as long as I don’t do anything to screw that up.

Not everyone comes to Tai Chi (or to Chiropractic for that matter), with that same point of view. It’s a point of view that understands, honors, and values some, if not all, of that traditional aspects of the relationship between student and teacher. (There are some traditional aspects that are not all that honorable.)

His main point ended up being that I pay attention to where the students are, what they need, and how best to lead them along; I adjust my instruction accordingly, and it doesn’t look exactly the same for each student. I responded that, as the teacher, recognizing who is putting in the effort, who practices, and who has the capability helps to guide what, when, and how instruction is offered. It is the same balancing act that takes place in the office. (Doctor means “teacher” after all.)

Getting out too far ahead of a patient is just as bad as not keeping up. And since every patient and every student is different, it’s all about the conversation (and the relationship). I know that I am an acquired taste, so it’s on me not to overwhelm folks with my energy, intensity, and enthusiasm. I try, believe me, every day.

Any, you may not see that connection, but today’s Blog Post by Seth Godin is too good not to share and ties right in here. Have a safe Memorial Day Holiday!!


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