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May 25, 2015

The Back Injury Prevention Course: Assumptions, Certainties, and Risk Factors

This Course follows an outline. There is a reasoning process, a certain logic, and considerable thought behind that outline. There is a reason for each of the Topics in the Outline so here, and with the next few Blog Posts, I intend to share the thinking and address the questions which are answered by the Outline Topics. This will give participants something to refer to, in review, after the Course, and give you some insight into why.

Why “risk factors”? Why that risk factor? Why even discuss “assumptions,” and “certainties”?

Remember, the main audience for Posts related the Course is employers. This entire effort is an attempt to help them (you) with a problem that they (you?) have: back pain injury at work. Some are stopped in their tracks by the Assumptions with no where to go, hence the sense of inevitability that we now have in many circles within industry and the healing professions. Most haven’t calculated in the Certainties because they haven’t made the connection or they think that these are uncontrollable.

I believe if we accept the Assumptions as a given, we can move on. Why? Because of the Certainties. These are going to happen no matter what.



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