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May 25, 2015

The Back Injury Prevention Course: Assumptions

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You have a room full of employees somewhere in America today. What can you assume about that crowd? (I ask in case you think these are all reasons that you can’t do something meaningful and measurable to prevent back injury on the job. You can still ask “So what?” if you like, the answer is to come, but here I simply point out that these assumptions are a safe bet, like it or not. Some of the people in the crowd will relate to one, some, or all of these assumptions.

  • Worker Demographics
    • Aging work force and the average age of the injured worker (now 40 in WA State)
    • Fitness levels (flexibility down) and weight issues (up)
    • Habituated to poor habits (sedentary – meaning too much sitting)
    • May think that they know but don’t (so they don’t know what they don’t know)
    • Natural history of back pain (it’s not good, and you don’t want it know matter what your medic says)
  • Prevalence of back pain injury (and trends… based on the above: things are just getting worse)
  • Need for an “industrial athlete” mentality (coined by back pain researchers no less:-)
  • Mainstream Medicine’s Management of Back Pain and the Disability Industrial Complex
    • A broken system that victimizes the patient in pain

So What?

So… accept that assumptions and move on. They don’t trump the Certainties we’ll be talking about later; and they don’t prevent pro-active initiatives to produce measurable and meaningful improvements in the incidence of back pain injury. (For some they provide and excuse, but we aren’t here to talk about that.)

And… notice that many of the worker demographics are also Risk Factors. Risk Factors don’t cause a condition, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about them anyway, but they do two things: give you something to measure; and give you somewhere to start in attempting to influence the incidence of the condition. (Managing risk factors is how you do prevention! Gosh I hope that that isn’t news:-)


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