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June 2, 2015

The Back Injury Prevention Course: Certainties

I have tried to lay out the thought process behind the Back Injury Prevention Course, generally, and some of the Assumptions which I think are safe but shouldn’t stop us from attacking the issue head-on.

The assumptions shouldn’t stop us because here is what we know for certain:

All of us are going to be:

1. sitting,

2. standing,

3. walking,

4. bending & lifting and (to some extent)

5) getting up and down off the ground no matter what else we do… for a living or in our daily lives.

These basic movements when done poorly put us in serious risk of injury – to the knees, to the back, to the neck, etc. And, yes, I know that almost everyone simply assumes that they know how to sit, stand, etc., but all you have to do is look around and it becomes clear that, whether they “know” or not, the vast majority of people are not doing these basic moves well. And precisely because it’s mindless for most people, the need for mindfulness is urgent.

Our quality of movement is important. In fact it’s even more important if you are: overweight, weak, pregnant, etc., isn’t it? How much harder is it on your knees to be obese and going up stairs or getting out of your car if you break the Knee Rule?

I don’t think that the list of Assumptions means we shouldn’t do something about quality of movement; I think it’s even more important to move well.

If we are going to adopt the “industrial athlete” mentality, and I think we should, then let’s follow the example of the NFL, the NBA and most, if not all, Olympic athletes, and strive to make our quality of movement as safe and healthy as possible.

That’s what the Back Injury Prevention Course is all about.



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