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June 23, 2015

Kids And Chiropractic

I don’t know why but not everyone gets their kids checked for subluxations so that these subluxations can be corrected while they still can be corrected.

Fear probably. Ignorance maybe. Apathy perhaps. Cost? (I hope it’s not cost because I don’t even charge to check kids most of the time, maybe you didn’t know that.)

So let’s look at fear and ignorance… or put another way, let’s look at the evidence:

A 2007 literature review published in the journal Pediatrics found a total of five reported cases of adverse events and no deaths related to pediatric chiropractic care in a 110-year period.

A 2008 study of pediatric patients under 3 years of age (73% were under 13 weeks) seen over a three year period found “no serious adverse events” (697 children, 5,242 treatments, 85% of parents reporting improvement).

A 2011 literature review of adverse events related to pediatric chiropractic care found no serious adverse event has been reported in the literature since 1992 and concluded “The application of modern chiropractic pediatric care within the outlined framework is safe.”

A 2014 review concluded that “serious adverse events… are exceedingly rare. There have been no cases of deaths associated with chiropractic care reported in the academic literature to date.” (You can bet that if there were you would hear all about it!)

Looking at it from a different angle, a 2014 review of compensation claims over a nine-year period in Denmark and Norway (where chiropractic care is part of the national health plans) found… “the number of compensation claims for adverse events in the pediatric age group in both countries was zero.”

These studies do not exist in a vacuum either. Kids get sick. They go somewhere and get something (you know where and you know what). So the comparison is to what other options exist. So… just taking medication as a comparative treatment kids do receive quite regularly, consider this: A 2009 review of adverse drug events related to medication use in children found the mean number of visits by children to the emergency department due to adverse drug events as 131, 142 per year (mostly antibiotics). And… another study estimated that drug therapy is associated with and average of 243 deaths per year in children less than 2 years of age.

Don’t get me wrong. This Post isn’t an anti-medicine thing; I am not saying don’t go to them or what they offer isn’t of value when it’s necessary. Health care professionals are supposed to be engaged in what, today, is called Evidence Informed Practice. That means  that what we offer and what you receive as patients is a happy blend of Individual Clinical Expertise (us), Patient Preference & Values (you), and Best External Evidence (the scientific research available on the subject).

Chiropractic care for kids is no panacea, any more than it’s a panacea for adults, men or woman, athletes, or Boeing workers. I suggest you consider chiropractic by considering all your options – chiropractic stands on it’s own merit. Unlike Tai chi in the case of exercise, chiropractic care has never been labeled perfect. But, when the playing field is level, and the trance is broken, it’s often a very reason place to start.

In fact chiropractic doctors are accustomed to their patients coming and saying, “I have so-and-so problem, I am going to see if you can fix it and if you can fine; if not I will go see someone else about it.” We usually do just fine.

Side Note: I prefer kids that are old enough to lie on the table and hold still so that I can check their legs, so that means about three years old or so. In case you are thinking of bringing your child in to be checked. I can refer you to someone else who works with infants and babies if you need that.



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