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June 23, 2015

What It’s Like Today On The Health Front In America

Obese Americans now outnumber the merely overweight (Los Angeles Times). Remember when “obesity” achieved the rank of a “disease” – it wasn’t that long ago. The article highlights the depressing numbers and finishes with reference to obesity being a risk factor for the big ticket items that most Americans die of. (Here is one Post on risk factors, but use the search box to find several more…)

The majority of large employers endorse a culture of health ownership, but only 19 percent have achieved it. (OPTUM  6th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Survey) One wonders how “endorse”, “culture”, and “ownership” are defined, but that’s another story.

I think obesity is a big deal (don’t laugh), for a lot of reasons. I have mentioned it a number of times on this Blog over the past 10 years…

Here, (and workplace productivity)

Here, (obesity and choices…)

Here, (Chiropractic care and obesity)

Here, (as it relates to increased risk of back, neck and shoulder pain… it does increase that risk)

Here, (as it relates to the Back Injury Prevention course)

Here, (If you want to loose weight… I did a whole series with that as the Blog Post Title)

Here, (Lifting without weight, is that “weightlifting”)


Here, (Harvard Medical School on Tai Chi)

Tai chi, the perfect exercise, is always a great place to end:-)


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