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July 20, 2015

“I already feel like the fuzziness is gone.”

She’s a new patient, 30 years old; she had a car accident in 2007, another in 2014 and in March she “face planted” while doing hot yoga. Since then she’s had neck “tension” and a “foggy” feeling neck with weird sensations over the back of her head on to the top of her head. She had severe vertigo twice since March and one panic attack.

Anyway, I saw her on Friday and, uncharacteristically, I insisted on neck X-rays so that I could see her spine. The X-rays showed the effects of earlier trauma in terms of mal-alignment of the entire neck part of her spine backward until it forms now a straight-line instead of being gently curved to the front. A typical finding, and there were no other findings that would preclude me adjusting her spine.

I explained that she was subluxated, that I was going to adjust her subluxatations with the Activator adjusting instrument following the Activator Methods Protocol. I recommended the, for me, standard six visits in about a months time. And she was adjusted.

When she got up off the adjusting table I said what I often say, “expect a miracle cure”. And she said, “I already feel like the fuzziness is gone.” I could not have promised that, but I’m not surprised. I am also not surprised that she had a variety of other types of treatments that did not work as well before she came to chiropractic – that’s the case with almost all new patients.


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