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July 27, 2015

Side Bridge – One of The Big Three

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Since I discussed both the Bird Dog and the Abdominal Crunch, I thought a few words about the Side Bridge might be in order. Why? Because there are a couple of points that sometimes get missed and if not part of the technique will lead to problems.

First, the Side Bridge is another strengthening exercise. That means breathing and bracing opportunity; lots of bracing (tension), of everything…

It is particularly important to contract hard the Latissimus Dorsi muscle (“lats” in gym jargon) so that the upper arm bone will be help in place against the shoulder blade bone (since you are propped up on one elbow!). This contraction is one you will want to learn because it is a precursor to any and almost all pushing or pulling that you might do. Nowadays it is calling “packing” the shoulder – it’s a big deal. You may not have learned it somewhere else. You can learn it here. And you can practice it here.

Try to get your Side Bridge to look like the person in the picture: she is doing it well. It’s ok to cross your ankles. And there are several modifications to make the exercise even more difficult (or “novel”), but this is the standard and will work just fine. Did I mention that you should contract all of your muscles? Lots of tension is the key.

Practice breathing while you brace. Use the seconds held as reps and the 3-5 Protocol to build strength gradually (search “progression” for more information on the single most important principle in exercising safely.) FYI, the Search Box is over to the right:-)


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