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August 19, 2015




A JuicePlus+ customer completed their JuicePLus+ Effect Survey yesterday.

Out of 17 questions, he said “yes” to 11. Here are the yeses after only 4 months of taking the JuicePlus TRIO of capsules (Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends of fruits, vegetables and berries):

An increase in the amount of water you drink? YES
A reduction in the amount of fast food and/or soft drinks you consume? YES
An improvement in the quality of your sleep? YES
An increase in your energy level? YES
Any weight loss (if you felt you needed to lose weight)? YES
A reduction in the number of cold or flu-like symptoms? YES
(Or has your dentist noticed) healthier gums-things like less bleeding when brushing or flossing, or a healthier pink color? YES
(Or has your hair dresser noticed) indications of healthier hair – things like shinier hair, stronger hair, or more hair growth? YES
Stronger or faster growing nails? YES
Improvements in your complexion, such as smoother skin, clearer skin, a reduction in the oiliness or dryness or your skin, or just and overall healthier glow? YES
An improvement in your general sense of wellbeing? YES

Like many folks some of these changes hadn’t really occurred to him until he was asked, just like chiropractic patient who don’t realize until asked that their breathing or their digestion improved after chiropractic care.


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