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September 11, 2015

Surgeon General’s Latest Advice

On the radio yesterday someone was reporting on a new surgeon general’s recommendation that we all walk 22 minutes a day – extolling all the benefits of walking and how just a little will go such a long way toward preventing the nasty diseases that kill us.

I have mentioned walking here a time or two. I have also distinguished functional exercise from what would be not-so-functional (yeah, it’s all relative).

So I think walking is good. It’s a start. Depending on where you find yourself on the fitness scale it may be the most appropriate exercise for you. But how functional is it?

Functional exercise, by definition, allows you more function as a result of doing it. Because you do that (the functional exercise) you can do this (fill in the blank with what ever function applies).

Here is another way to think of it: a week ago today I hiked 15 miles over a mountain pass (through the snow) and down a valley to Stehekin – with a backpack on – all before 3:30 p.m.. I could do that because I do tai chi regularly (the perfect exercise according to some experts).

The point of this post is up there in bold.


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