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October 26, 2015

Take it from the Gym to the Job


In the gym some people know the Knee Rule; they have heard of it and can parrot it back. They know how to lift properly, some of them.

But often those same people do not apply what they know in the gym about moving properly and lifting to how they move and lift on the job.

They should.

We encountered this recently with a mechanic injured at work (lifting). Now back to work at nearly full duty he mentioned last week that he is setting the hoist by getting down on the ground to move the hoist’s arms, rather than just bending over the way he has in the past – or would if he was at 100%.

So, with a quick review of his getting up and down off the ground technique (less than 30 seconds), we determined that he broke the knee rule every time he went down and every time when he got up.

When I reviewed the knee rule, and showed him how to get up/down correctly, he said, “that’s just like a lunge, I know that rule already!” (eyes open wide!)

Yeah. You got it. And so did he, instantly (with a history of playing semi-pro football and competitive bodybuilding he should right?).

Same is true for how to dead lift or squat: there are a number of critical rules. They all apply to lifting in the gym as well as lifting on the job.

I believe there is an opportunity here for preventing back injuries – which is why I have been blogging about it for nearly 5 years. My experience so far is that prevention isn’t usually the priority but, if you know of any employers who are interested, please have them contact us at (425) 348-5207.


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