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November 20, 2015

Every Exercise Has A Purpose: Figure 8s & CAT/CAMEL


People often have no idea what effect the exercise that they are told to do will have. I am not talking about the reason most often given by people who are in the gym or “working out” (that answer is “To loose weight and get in shape”.). No, I am talking about exercises given by health care providers to patients who have conditions for which the exercise is suppose to be helpful.

I think it’s important to know both the cause (the exercise) and the effect (the result).

Yes, it’s also true: almost every exercise will have a list of effects. It’s also true that for the most part we give someone an exercise because we want a specific effect.

(It’s also true that many health care providers don’t have intimate knowledge of exercise in general and are not very thoughtful about giving exercises that are specific.)


The CAT/CAMEL isn’t even really an exercise. It’s a mobility maneuver or, more simply, a way to keep the joints (that we’ve just adjusted) freed up and moving properly. Patients get the CAT/CAMEL (usually) first; it goes with bracing and breathing as something they can do while still in acute pain. But, it’s primary purpose is to keep joints moving.

Figure 8s

Same thing, and then a little more. The figure eights will keep the joints moving (primary goal); they will also re-train the reflexes, muscles, ligaments and tendons.


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