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November 21, 2015

Every Exercise Has A Purpose: Offset CAT/CAMEL

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The Offset CAT/CAMEL is given to patients who have Sacro-iliac (S/I) joint subluxations. These joints are the very large ear-shaped joint that connect  the sacrum to the pelvis. Together they bare all the weight of the upper body and are under extreme pressures when sitting, so… they are often subluxated, need to be adjusted by a chiropractor, and need to be kept moving by a patient who wishes to maintain their corrections without frequent office visits.

These exercise specifically moves the S/I joints. And keeps them moving.

It may do a number of other wonderful things. And it isn’t for everyone; not everyone can do it for a variety of reasons.

If you refer to the sentence above in bold, another issue is raised. Namely that a subluxated joint is one that is not moving properly and inevitably its motion is restricted (it’s stuck in other words).

The idea behind this exercise, as with many of the early one given to each patient, is that once we chiropractic doctors have moved the stuck joint, the patient has to do something to keep it moving.


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