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December 5, 2015

It’s Happened Again

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A new patient was in today (New? She’s been a patient just over two months). She reported her original complaints (hip and knee pain) were “doing great”. Soon she will be running again in preparation for a half marathon. She is already doing a half dozen exercises designed to help her adjustments hold so she can go longer between visits.

She reported being quite surprised how good her neck and everything else felt: she didn’t realize until after she was adjusted that they didn’t feel so good before!

We are used to this but can’t predict necessarily how it will express itself. There is a long list of potential side benefits to chiropractic care. The most common are GI tract related (lots of patients mention something has improved). Also common is breathing better, sleeping better, more energy, better mental clarity and attitude, etc. It’s always nice when these show up and the patient gets to tell that as part of their chiropractic story.



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