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December 18, 2015

What Tai Chi Really Teaches

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We all arrive at tai chi for our various reasons; then we stay or not for other reasons. The other day, after answering a series of the usual questions, I realized what it being taught and learned.

How To Move

How to move safely is the most important thing in tai chi. Strength, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, improved concentration and focus, relaxation, and self defense skills are all very nice, but…

What people do all day is move. Do it well and good things happen; do it poorly and risk of injury and undue wear and tear follow.

Last night in class I showed the class a static posture. It’s a posture none of them had ever done statically (holding still); usually it is just part of a movement they already know well. Stopping and holding a posture changes everything about what is taught and learned. Most importantly, in this case and many cases, if the alignment was poor the posture and the time spent holding it would lead to abnormal stress on the body and an increased risk of injury.

Pointing that out I was able to reiterate the importance of all the alignments we talk about all the time in the interest of getting massive amounts of beneficial exercise rather than marching toward injury.

By learning how to move correctly, moving correctly becomes a habit. “Muscle memory” serves us in a good way – in case we have to move quickly (instinctively). This is the opposite of the story I hear all day in my office about symptoms that followed movement that was equally thoughtless but not safe: that leads a person to the chiropractor.

Last night light bulbs went off in the heads of many. In motion it’s easy to not be mindful; in stillness you have time to think about where you are – might as well get lined up properly.




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