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December 28, 2015

Chiropractors Knock It Out Of The Park

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Re-Printed with permission from the Washington State Chiropractic Association.

P l e x u s  D e c e m b e r  2 0 1 5 9

For 4 days, Oct. 22-25, 2015, the Key arena was changed into a clinic.

A clinic where many diverse services were offered to those without

healthcare. Chiropractic played a major role with the Seattle Center

Foundation in putting on this clinic called the Seattle/King County Clinic.

During the planning stages, it was determined that of all the services, the

only one requested for the medical volunteers, was chiropractic. This

meant that chiropractic essentially set up two clinics: one for the public,

where we used 5 sky box suites and then one in the medical staff lounge,

where we had a room big enough for 3 adjusting tables.

Each day we were seeing hundreds of people in the our public chiropractic

adjusting area. We would have between 5-8 doctors volunteering each day

in this area. On Thursday we were joined by a friendly osteopathic doctor

who works at the local VA hospital but she had never treated a patient.

We also had a PT from San Francisco join us but with the limited ability

to treat with spinal adjustment, they both mostly observed.

On Sunday at the end of the day, many members of the medical

planning committee came up to me and asked what we were doing in the

chiropractic area of the clinic. I responded, “taking care of people.” They

commented that we were the most popular area of the entire Key arena.

Let it be known that most of the people, when asked, stated that this

was their first time seeing a chiropractor. In one case, a limping man left

without his limp and even forgot to take his favorite cane with him. In

another case, a woman was caught in the elevator crying. When asked,

she stated that she had just come to the chiropractic clinic. Asked if those

chiropractors had hurt her she responded that it was the first relief she had

experienced in 20 years and her tears were happy tears.

In the clinic where we took care of medical volunteers we were seeing

close to 100 per day. On Sunday, I believe Dr. Doug Pierce saw 92 by

himself. Each of these is like seeing a new patient. A brief consultation

was taken, then a brief examination, then they received an amazing

adjustment for spinal health. When asked, most of these medical staff

indicated that this was their first time ever seeing a chiropractor. What an

opportunity we had to educate.

Here are a couple stories for this clinic:

On Saturday I was working in the clinic area. A nurse from triage came

in and was limping, sharing how her knee had been hurting for 6 months,

how she had gotten many different treatments and physical therapy the

entire time. I quickly shared that her knee probably wasn’t going to

respond well unless her spine and the nerves from her low back were

healthier, that there was less interference. She got adjusted and left. About

30 minutes later she came bounding back into our area and gave me a

hug and said her knee was much better already. What a strange discovery.

The nurses in triage at the beginning of the week thought chiropractic was

for neck and back pain. I kept telling them that everyone would benefit

and they should be sending everyone to chiropractic for care.

On the medical forms where we kept our notes, triage would always put a

priority ranking on where people should go. On Thursday there were lots

of times we were listed as a 5th priority. On Sunday, I was shocked to see

so many medical forms where the nurses were putting chiropractic in the

#1 slot as the first thing people should do once they got in the building.

Chiropractic knocked it out of the park!

We had volunteers from all over the state. We could have used more. The

medical team started putting DC volunteers on the waiting list because

they thought 5 would be enough each day. They didn’t tell me, and on

Thursday I got a bit miffed with them for that. It was minimizing our

potential, and as an old chiropractor, potential is all we have.

I have made every effort to have a complete and accurate list of volunteers

but I am sure that I have missed someone. Many of these volunteers also

served for more than one day. Thank you to those below who changed

the lives of many:

Dr. Lorri Nichols

Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer

Dr. Jay Goodwin

Dr. Douglas Pierce

Dr. Jeffrey Abrams

Dr. David Dannels

Dr. Ben Jennings

Dr. Katherine Ritchey (osteopath)

Dr. Staten Medsker

Dr. Ryan Sweet

Dr. Aaron Toler

Dr. Sarah Deem

Dr. Hyun Jo

Dr. Chanil Jung

Dr. David Warwick

Dr. Adam Swick

Dr. Nathan Wall

Dr. Avery Martin

Seattle/King County Clinic had another successful residency in KeyArena

at Seattle Center this year. It required at least 750 people per day, ranging

from general support volunteers to healthcare professionals to operate the

Clinic, not to mention the volunteer efforts in the days and weeks before

and after to help with preparation and wrap-up. Thank you for joining us

and making a difference in our community! In 2015, 3,838 volunteers

helped to provide nearly $3.5M in care to 4,010 patients.

Chiropractors Knock it Out of the Park

at the Seattle/King County Clinic in

October at the Key Arena

Avery Martin, DC


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