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December 30, 2015

A Good Article… Up To A Point

Here is an article that concisely captures a lot of what not to do and why.

When it gets to the what-to-do-instead part it breaks down quickly on the subject of progressions: if you don’t use sensible progressions arrived at thoughtfully you will risk injury (which means you won’t be able to workout right at all).

On the subject of high intensity exercise he has the principle correct BUT… see the Posts on progressions.

This article, like most, assume an injury-free and normal-in-most-regards subject starting out: that is rarely the case. If that is you then doing things his way might work out fine.

Most people have structural and functional capacity issues – latent (meaning they don’t know it) or not. When challenged by new stress (exercise) at a higher-than-they-can-tolerate level, injury is inevitable.

To avoid being in the failed group (1) start where you are, (2) build from there slowly, doing (2) first the best quality of movement possible, then (4) targeted exercises addressing your weaknesses… until you can function at near normal doing the basics: basic movements, basic exercises (these things are all easily testable; there are normals to compare to).

Then build on that, first with strength, then the rest (stamina, stretching, balance, coordination, etc.). Get all of that in one place with tai chi.


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