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January 3, 2016

Tai Chi Book Review

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My teacher, Dan Docherty’s, most recent book, “The Complete Tai Chi Tutor” is available on Amazon. Here is the review that I just wrote after reading through the book twice (his books you don’t just read, you read, re-read, refer, and reference, over and over and over).

Dan is the author of many books on tai chi going back to the early 1980s. His book titles tend to seem pretentious, “Complete Tai Chi Chuan” (1997 & 2001), and “The Tai Chi Bible” (2014), and they often make a grand attempt to interpret all things Chinese, Martial, and Tai Chi for us: “Tai Chi Chuan; Decoding the Classics for the Modern Martial Artist” (2009). The funny thing is that his books always deliver even more than they promise. His qualifications go without saying, but there is much more to it. He thinks like a police inspector, therefore he offers proof to back up his claims; he presents a logical and reasonable argument – and he admits when facts thin out and the conversation is no longer on solid ground. But he has done the leg work, put in the time, and done the thinking to make compelling arguments in explanation of something that many authors can barely penetrate the surface of. And, above all things, he is practical: his books reveal that in spades. This one is no exception. Full of pictures which provide a rich resource in understanding what is written as well as much that isn’t written (there are things to be seen in the pictures for which no words of explanation are given). His perennial caution that to learn tai chi it takes a good teacher is also evident in this book: he couldn’t police every photo and there are issues (with the knee rule on page 46 and with the technique “Parting the Wild Horses Mane on page 153) – this is where a good teacher comes in. In Hong Kong Dan’s teacher was the teacher of teachers (see Certificate copy, page 29, Tai Chi Sabre, Sword, Spear), and if you are teacher of tai chi then this is one book you will want to have in your collection. As a student of Dan’s I have traveled 9-10 hours and nearly 5,000 for instruction several times. There is no substitute for that level of personal interaction, but this book offers the next best thing. Buy it!”


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