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April 6, 2016

New Study: Blue Green Algae May Help With Weight Loss


It is research done on rats, so it will take a while for the research types to get all the way around to saying that you should eat Blue Green Algae, but…

I have been saying it since 1980, for about a dozen other reasons. Here is that story, or most of it…

…In the days before JuicePlus+ was around (and words like phytonutrient), it was reasonable to believe that if you ate something that had every single vitamin known to man, every mineral known to be beneficial (and many others that may be), and every essential fatty, and if that something was a whole food, it would be hard to beat. Only Blue Green Algae and Bee Pollen fit that description.

Then we learned about the nutrients that are only found in the colors in the foods… so green wasn’t enough.

But I still eat and recommend Blue Green Algae (that fist link above is to all the Posts on the subject that are on our Blog). It gives the link to a source that gets the algae from the best location, processes it without destroying the nutrient value, and offers it at a price that is affordable (most charge too much for low quality product).

Maybe that is the One Simple Change that could make all the difference in your life – eating Blue Green Algae. Maybe.



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