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April 23, 2016

TRUMP Tactics…

A patient shared this news clip covering a Doctor of Chiropractic adjusting a 4-day old baby who had Colic. Notice the charged words, leading questions full of pre-suppositions, and the ‘but what about…’ assumed drama. (Stop for just a second and think about what the average 4-day old would have already been subjected to by modern mainstream medicine, what is done for the colic, how well that works, what the side effects are, etc. Then, when you can apply the SAME standard, consider what chiropractic has to offer.)

In the same way that delegates supporting Ron Paul (or probably Ralph Nader, I don’t know about him) discovered what really goes in within ‘their’ Party, and now aren’t the least bit surprised to see all the same things happen to Donald Trump, we chiropractors are very familiar with the myriad of ways the media can marginalize whoever they like (it’s Trump now, but…), and perpetuate falsely imposed stigmas.

And for the record (because the Doctor on TV failed to mention it), the infant, the kid, and the adult get adjusted because they are subluxated, not because they have Colic, texting thumb, or back pain. Chiropractic care is an alternative to mainstream medical management. We are different! (And if there were any real evidence that chiropractic care is somehow unreasonably risky, mainstream medicine and the media would make certain that it was on every bill board from Atlantic City to L.A.: They are masters of making something out of nothing, imagine if there were real risk issues.)

Trump, like chiropractic, just keeps getting results. They can no longer pretend he isn’t there or act like he is insignificant. I don’t want to carry the Trump – Chiropractic analogy too far, but how much worse could things get? How could chiropractic possibly do a worse job than medicine has already done; how much worse would Trump really be than any of the recent choices that come to mind (now, especially, since anyone awake realizes that they were and are all working for the same masters)?

Enough on that.


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