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May 3, 2016

May Is Posture Month: So What?

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A newly recognized health epidemic (to add to the list), poor posture, and it’s causes (‘modern life’ and technology to name two) and effects, make it imperative that health professionals attempt to do something about it.

Working behind a desk, and texting behaviors represent a dramatic health risk. Science is now being asked to help find solutions and offer advice on safe sitting and better posture. The current recommendations are to stand taller, sit less, and move more. When you hear phrases like “Tech neck” and “Sitting is the new smoking”, take them seriously. I have addressed both issues here in other Posts and you can find them easily enough via the search box.

Use this Month to think about your posture, consider whether it is as ‘good’ as it could be; and think about what you might be able to do to improve it. In this series of Posts I will not only invite you to do that, I will offer many good reasons why you should. Then you can be informed.

Begin by understanding that Posture simply means  “alignment”. But alignment – both getting there and being there – has implications. So the idea of mindfulness (thoughtfulness – are you aware, and do you care) comes in, so does achieving and maintaining correct posture, as well as how ‘alignment’ relates to movement and to those times when there is little or no movement (sleep).

What it means to have ‘Bad’ posture in several areas of your life: First, it will impact your health, and the first thing that is always mentioned is back pain – a reason chiropractors happen to know a thing or two about posture: we go from back pain caused by (among other things) poor posture to no back pain and improved posture, hopefully.

Secondly, poor posture will affect how you feel and look. There are direct correlations, and all kinds of implications to poor posture: big books are written on the subject. From flat feet leading to knee, hip and back pain, to Forward Head Posture leading to headaches, neck and mid back pain. The list goes on and on – all due, in part, to allowing bad posture to persist.

Lastly, but not insignificantly, poor posture communicates: people may think from your posture that you are bored, fearful, self-conscious or nervous. And it makes you look unhealthy, heavier, and less attractive.

A change in posture can change all of that.



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