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May 9, 2016

May Is Posture Month: Take Control


Controlling your posture is a largely unconscious act: you don’t usually give it much thought. So if it’s poor, there is not much chance that it will improve. And no one talks about posture without mentioning movement; your alignment (posture) while moving is critical if you don’t want to increase risk of injury. And how you move is also almost always unconscious – your mind is on something else.

You use 640 muscles just to stand; moving, you use 206 bones – articulating in such a way that 45 miles of nerves and 60,000 miles of blood vessels are protected (or not!)

We know that movement (e.g., working out or just working) with improper form will undermine function and decrease performance. For competitive athletes that relates to winning and losing; for you that may simply mean the gradual abnormal wear and tear that leads to degenerative change, worse dysfunction, and disease (remember those 45 miles of nerves?).

A third of the adult population falls every year. They aren’t standing still when they fall, they are moving. Poor movement patterns, developed as habits, and not paying attention is the recipe for a fall.

What To Do?

Knowing you have poor posture, or move poorly isn’t enough. Heck, many people will readily admit, “I know I have terrible posture.” Even knowing what good posture or movement is won’t help you (remember, your posture and how you move is like unconscious – it’s a habit).

No, for a number of reasons that go beyond the scope of this Post, you need some help. You need answers to these questions: Which posture/movement issues are the most important and can be corrected (it isn’t already too late)? How is that going to happen: what do I do; what do you do? How am I going to consciously get a chance to practice correct posture and movement so that it becomes habit to move and alignment myself correctly?

Those are great questions. We address those all day every day for all kinds of people, young and old, small and large, crippled up and fit. That is the art. And we would love to help you while it’s still a reasonably easy job.

Tonight I will see a new patient who didn’t get good help in the early stages; who now suffers greatly. So greatly that she is on a number of serious narcotic pain killers and muscle relaxers and medications to offset the adverse side effects of those drugs. She has the degenerative change that implies correcting her posture to any great extent isn’t an option. And she has many of the consequences of not having decent posture or correct movement: she can’t move much, she’s gained a large amount of weight, and her functional level of capacity prevents her from having a comfortable fulfilling life – and now her life is filled with doctor’s visits and treatments that offer minimal results and serious side effects. She will give me all the details tonight, but the story is common. It has a 20-25 year build up. And it’s preventable. All of it.

In Tai Chi we have a saying that the best time to do something is while you still can. Correct your posture while you still can; learn to move correctly while you can still move. And then make that a habit through practice.


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