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May 11, 2016

CAUTION! Wet Floors


It has happened to me several times, it happened again this morning, and it could happen to you. It all starts with a door: outside the door things are one way; inside things are different. In this case, the thing that matters is the floor. More specifically, they are alway tile floors – wet and slippery from a fresh mopping.

It isn’t always obvious; there isn’t always a sign telling you that the floors are wet (there wasn’t this morning).

And it’s no good blaming the mop guy. It won’t matter when your head hits the floor.  And it isn’t them that will take responsibility anyway.

We could go down the should list: the guy should have been trained better for sure. He should have set out a sign (they always have one somewhere). He definitely should have used less soap in the water (when you encounter the super slipper floor, they have always used too much soap). And he should have mopped it as dry as possible before leaving the place to go on to some other task. Procedures: training. None of that is going to help.

In my case, the cat-like reflexes of a tai chi guy have kept me from falling – and paying attention, so that at the very first step the significance of the high risk situation hits the brain. That is why I am writing this: to remind you that it can happen in the hope that you are a little more aware as you move through your day. I don’t want you to end up up-ended.

And if the situation does happen, be sure that you tell the hired help so that they can deal with it.



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