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May 13, 2016

Reverse Back Crunch

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A guy named Peter Egosque (I think that is how you spell it – I don’t have time to check right now) wrote the book, Pain Free. In it he talks about this exercise. I can’t remember the whole story according to him, but I do often recommend the exercise for specific reasons and for some patients.

Here I am describing how to do to it so that from now on I can direct patients to this Blog to learn it. (I send this to a patient just now in an email; now I am putting it here.)

REVERSE BACK CRUNCH: Supine (1), knees up (like you were going to do a regular crunch), feet flat on the floor. (I don’t care what you do with your arms/hands or your head – they are not involved. From this position, just press your low back into the floor. That is it: press, hold, release, and repeat.

(1) Lying on your back

That is a good book BTW with many very good exercises – it is weakest when it gets the spine part, but his descriptions and detail regarding the pelvis and hips is spectacular.


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