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May 20, 2016

The “Cah” Sound: COSTCO and …

… Kangen water.

Most people think of drinking water when they think of Kangen water, or alkalized water, or ionized water. That’s fine and ONE reason for having the Kangen water machine.

Another reason is that, because you can rinse all of your fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables with both 2.5 pH and 11.5 pH, you don’t have to worry about all the scary stories that pop up with increasing frequency: stories about Salmonella or want else got on the food that shouldn’t be there.

If you have gone to all the trouble to make sure that your food is food (not GMO) (or if you haven’t); and gone to all the trouble to make sure that it is healthy, good quality food (Organic, or as close as possible) (or if you haven’t), then you might as well make sure that you can clean it sufficient to make it safe to eat.

Unless you think that you can trust all those folks in the supply chain to take care of that for you.

On every front, from protecting yourself and your person property, to looking out for your neighborhood, to being alert on the roads or out in public, life has gradually gotten a little more complicated over time. It is more work now than it used to be. That’s all true, it is unfortunate, but it’s the way it is.

It makes sense to some folks to ‘insure’ themselves. Choosing to purchase and use a Kangen water machine is not a vote against the City for not providing safe water; they do provide safe water. It is a vote in favor of healthy water. Using Kangen water to wash the fruits and vegetables is not an indictment against the food supply line system or the Government regulation of that supply line; it is a vote in favor of pro-active self insurance – of improving the odds.

And choices like seeing a Chiropractic doctor, doing Tai chi, eating JuicePlus+ or using a Kangen water machine, are all choices in favor of increasing odds of being healthy, being safe, and being secure (relatively, no guarantees here…). And they are all, more or less, once and for all choices. And they are all choices in which each decision to add something (take the time, pay the money, do the work) brings with it many, many benefits, not just one or two. And the benefits bestowed are both short term but, more importantly, long term. Best of all the benefits of these decisions are accumulative and additive: they increase over time, and the benefits of one choice (e.g., JuicePlus+ supplements) is enhanced with the addition of another choice (e.g., Kangen water, or getting adjusted).

(The news this week was that the sick care system in this country is going to cost us more – in sickness insurance premiums – and maybe you still think that that system will take care of you when you get sick – in general, that hasn’t been working out too well for a lot of folks. See: Journal American Medical Association¬†July 26, 2000;284(4):483-5)

People can doubt all of that, and argue details, if they like. And if the system you have is working out well for you, wonderful. But if, like some many other people, you want to improve your odds, insure yourself, and move toward health, then call us at the office and we can help. (425) 348-5207


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