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September 27, 2016

Fun At The Bank This Morning

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I will tell the story; you provide the meaning. I walked into the bank this morning and noticed that there were a half dozen or so people in line. There was that usual maze that is set up so that, when there is a long line, people can zig-zag back and forth, accordion style, in an orderly fashion.

I did what I always do, which was to walk up to the part of maze where I could bend over and slip under the barrier into the line – right behind the last guy in line. No big deal. Then I watched as another half dozen people walked in and followed the entire maze from start to finish to get up to where we were. Interesting. If it was a one-time thing it would be one thing, but it’s almost every time with just a few exceptions now and then.

As an added bonus (today’s special), when I got up to the last guy in line and stood there for a few seconds noticing the married couple in front of him, him, and the others (you know, just everybody kind of glancing at each other while they look around the room). Then I tapped the guy in front of me on the shoulder and whispered, “Your pants are unzipped.”

I don’t have to watch comedy on TV.


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