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September 30, 2016

How To Get Out Of Bed

The other day I talked about some stretches to do before getting up. Here I will describe the safe getting up process. The first assumption is that you are sleeping on your back: sleeping on your stomach is an absolute no-no; sleeping on your side (though we all love it until we break the habit) will also be a problem for most people at some point (Neck, upper back, or shoulder issues develop from sleeping on your back, and sleeping on your side after you have a neck, upper back, or shoulder issue is going to complicate any recovery).

So from the supine position, first turn onto your side (in this case we will use the left side). Now bend the knees up and make a fist with the left hand, leaving the hand up in the air. Put the right hand over the left hand and push hard with the right hand; that will lift you up and as you come up extend the knees, the feet will come down, and you will be in the sitting position. Presto!

There are numerous Posts on this Blog about mindfulness, and how mindful movement has so many great benefits; well mindless movement can have many negative consequences. This is an opportunity to pay attention getting out of bed. That can help you avoid the “I was only putting on my shoes” lower back pain episodes in the future.

We have an on-going joke (it’s not really a joke) in tai chi class: A student asks how to do something, and I show them. Then I usually say something like, “Now do that 972 times and you will start to learn it.” Everyone smiles, they get the point. And those who follow my implication: do lots of them, lots and lots of them, often, experience the benefits. But think about the implications of moving poorly thousands of times over the course of years: not is going to have consequences, whether it is how you get out of bed, how bend over, or how you get up and down off the ground. These things have cumulative effects: they can be positive or they can be negative. It’s a choice.



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