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November 16, 2016

What did they used to do?

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A patient was in a little while ago and we were talking about her middle-school aged kid and his struggle to get decent grades. I mentioned that when I was in high school I got grades just good enough to allow me to play sports, or I wouldn’t have gotten passing grades at all.

She asked why, and I told that I was one of those hyper-active types that would, more than likely, get drugs today for their ADD and ADHD. And she said: “What did they used to do back then?” Do you remember the answer to that? If you grew up in eastern Washington in the 60’s the answer is, “They beat us”. (Remember the long board paddles with the holes?)

I am not one of those who likes to brag about how well I turned out (in spite of the violence) – how well we turned out is arguable; how long it took us to ‘turn out well’ is another issue all together. The fact is that beating didn’t work all that well, and it had side effects; today the drugs may or may not ‘work’ all that well, and they definitely have negative consequences.

No, my point is that it is important to ask the question. And it’s important to thoughtfully consider the answer. Then do the best you can.


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