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January 5, 2017


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A patient was in yesterday that has not been in for over eight years, which is typical for her. She complained of moderately severe low back pain, again typical for her, that came on a few weeks ago (after lifting some packing bins… which is typical). She said that episodes of low back pain had come and gone over the recent years (typical in these kinds of cases), but now she was taking four Advil and one muscle relaxer every eight hours, and not sleeping more than a couple hours at a time. Her right leg was also beginning to feel numb to the touch.

She had gone to the medical doctor, who recommended drugs – they added one to the nine she already takes daily, recommended heat, and to “Follow up in two weeks if not improved.” Again typical, typical, and… typical.

Paperwork-wise she had to be treated like a new patient, but actually she has been a patient here for over thirty years. So after she was examined, she was adjusted, and I recommended she stop the heat that others had suggested, and try ice the way I recommend it. She left still limping and bent over.

The phone message that she left this morning said that she was “so much better”, had slept 8 hours straight, and overall she thought it was “amazing”. She just wanted to let us know. And she said she would see us for her next scheduled appointment.



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