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March 3, 2017

IMPORTANT: “Bullet Proof” Tomatoes & The Kangen Water Demo

I showed up Saturday at Howard’s house for the Kangen Water demonstration; he didn’t have any of the tomatoes for the demo, so I went and got some.

In the produce department at QFC I asked the hired help where the cherry tomatoes were located – he moved to the side revealing the very tomatoes. As I picked up what I thought was the right item, and looked at all the colorful look-alike choices, he said, “We sell more of those than any of the other ones,” indicating the ones in my hand. (Remember that for later.) There were labeled “Cherubs” (cherub = “angel”, so these are “Little Angels”)

So the Kangen Demo was going fine: We got all the way through the Oxidation Reduction Potential of all the waters being compared, visually seeing the difference between each water with an ORP meter – and learning about energy in water, or the lack thereof.

Then we covered the pH differences, seeing each glass of water turn various colors, and we saw with tea portion of the demo what a difference it makes how water molecules clump together and the impact that has on its ability to get into cells.

With that all done we moved on from the drinking water part of the story to the Strong Acidic (2.5 pH) water, and learned how easy it is to kill bacteria, etc. Everything was going according to plan.

Then we got to the Strong Alkaline (11.5 pH) part of the talk. Here we learn what an emulsifier this water from the Enagic machine is: useful for cleaning anything greasy – Howard keeps spray bottles of both Strong waters in his refrigerator. The last part of the demo dramatically makes this point of emulsification by comparing cherry tomatoes soaked in tap water for a few minutes to cherry tomatoes soaked in the Kangen 11.5 pH water.

Then we got some surprises, never seen before by either myself or Howard, who has done hundreds (he said a thousand) demonstrations of Kangen water. First, though, here is what always had happened in the past: pouring the tap water off the tomatoes, the water is clear; pouring the Strong Alkaline water off of the tomatoes, the water is cloudy and dirty (Point: all the herbicides and pesticides get washed off the tomatoes soaked in Kangen water, but not off the tomatoes soaked in tap water. Message: Knowing that, do you really want to keep eating all of those herbicides and pesticides.)

The second thing that we usually see is that, when you do pour off the tap water the tomatoes were soaking in, water full of chlorine, and test it for the presence of chlorine, there is no longer any chlorine in the water (Point: the tomatoes took up the chlorine. Message: Knowing that, do you still want to eat those tomatoes?)

Here is what happened this time: the 11.5 pH water was clear! (There was no pesticides or herbicides on the tomatoes. How could that be, we wondered? Conclusion: these are GMO tomatoes and the herbicides and pesticides are built into the tomato itself! Then, still stunned, we poured the tap water off the other tomatoes, and tested it for chlorine: there was still chlorine in the water – it did not get absorbed into the tomatoes.

So I looked at Howard and said, “Do you know what this means?” And he said, “These are bullet-proof tomatoes.” (We checked on the bottom of the container, sure enough, they were coded as GMO.) No one there would eat those tomatoes. Would you, now that you know what you know?


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