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April 3, 2017

Calcium Supplements May Increase Dementia Risks

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This is from BottomLine: Personal, April 1, 2017 (And, no, it’s not a joke!)

“Calcium supplements may increase dementia risk, reports Silke Kern, MD, PhD. Recent finding: Women over age 70 with a history of stroke who regularly took calcium supplements had nearly seven times higher risk for dementia than other stroke survivors. If you had a stroke, ask your physician whether the risk from calcium supplements outweighs the benefit.”

(Silke Kern, MD, PhD, is a neuropsychiatric researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and coauthor of a study of 700 women, published in Neurology.)

[Note: Calcium, and other individual supplements, have been discussed repeated on the Blog, in the office, and at the presentations done from time to time in the office. The question, chiropractically, isn’t a risk/benefit question regarding an individual supplement, given to treat a problem. The question is, “How do you make sure that you are getting all the minerals that you need to promote health?” The answer is to eat 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day, as well as berries, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. And if you can not, will not, or do not do that: eat JuicePlus+ whole food products that will provide those foods.]

Imagine being a woman over 70 who has had a stroke – then finding out (if you found out) that taking that Calcium supplement that so many people still recommend, may have contributed to that stroke! Whole food is the answer to health: not an isolated, individual, nutrient.


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