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May 19, 2017

Mountain of Evidence = Compelling

Keeping in mind that it is evidence that causes us to believe what we believe – or keep believing what we believe…

…I don’t remember all of the story that I told myself in the days prior to taking fish oil… I know there was the I-will-be-tasting-it-all-day part, and the it-is-expensive part, I remember those. Anyway, at some point ten to twelve years ago, I think, I was reading a review article (an article reviewing all of the available research at the time) and finally conceded that there was a mountain of evidence in favor of it (and the article detailed the who to buy from, how much to take, etc. making my choices confident – because I trusted the source of the article!).

So, I began taking it.

Here is a report on a new research study, pretty much like many of the earlier studies in that it relates fish oil to brain health, that you might find compelling. If so and you need details on the when, where, why, and how, then just give us a call. (425) 348-5207.

P.S. – I know that the JuicePlus+ people have produced a brand new product that is a plant-based omega 3 product, but I have not gotten enough information, yet, to recommend it. The fact that we can trust that it is impeccably healthy doesn’t go far enough, by itself. So far I have not seen that it actually covers all the things an omega 3 supplement should. Eventually, there will be published research, like there is for all the other JuicePlus+ products, and we won’t have to wonder: we will know. For now, I need to do more study and learn more about it.


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