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October 4, 2018

Morning (in bed) Stretch

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A small clip showed up in the October 1st BottomlinePersonal by Fitness trainer Joel Harper, author of Mind Your Body.

I haven’t read the book and don’t know the author, but I do endorse stretching before you get out of bed. The stretch discussed and pictured in the article was simple: while on your back, bend you knees. Then let the knees flop over to one side, followed by doing the same thing on the other side.

Simple enough and a good idea.

Here I will share another one or two stretches that almost anyone can do. But first, as usual, some context: is every stretch right for every body all the time? No. If you are under 40 none of this probably applies at all.

So, depending on how stiff (in the sense of flexible) and how sore (in the sense of how injured, and how recent), you might benefit from a little time spent stretching things out before you get up.

The other thing that needs to be said about stretching, again, particularly if you of of the more stiff and more sore crowd, is that stretching can be over done. The right stretch, done hard enough and long enough can work wonders; the wrong stretch done too hard or too long, well… you get my drift.

One last general rule that I share with patients is this: less than 20 seconds is a waste of time; anything over 3 minutes is unnecessarily long. Without going into active verses passive stretching and all the nuances of repetitions and range of motion, that is a good rule.

Now, a stretch you can use. While lying on your back, lift one leg up, straight. Keep the other one down (straight). Gently straighten both legs, pressing the heel down on the down leg and up toward the ceiling on the up leg. Bring to the toes back toward the knees to stretch the (posterior) calve muscles as well. Shoot for better than a 90° angle between the legs. Alternate. Later you can raise both legs, grab the feet and hold a while, maybe…

That stretch is a great way to start, and to check in to see how stiff and sore you really are. Be sure to breath. And… relax.


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