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May 21, 2020

Interesting Times: The Governor’s Proclamation #20-24.1

[This went out to our patient list today. I thought it might be useful to you as well.]

This week the Governor’s Proclamation 20-24.1 reduced restrictions on health services, allowing more clinically necessary care, including more clinically necessary chiropractic care. Earlier Federal decrees indicated that Chiropractors are part of the “essential critical infrastructure workforce.” So our office has been open for business during regular hours, and patients feel comfortable coming into the office, confident that they are safe. Home ergonomics, gardening, auto accidents, job-related injuries, and a fall have all kept us feeling quite “essential” during the past couple of months.

The Governor’s newest Proclamation as well as other pronouncements from the Governor, the State Department of Health, the County Health Department, and the Mayor of the Everett included recommendations and guidelines regarding hygiene, distancing, screening and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Now, in the office, there are signs, and wipes, hand sanitizer, and (more) ‘no-touch’ wastebaskets, things that are conspicuous, and a lot that is not.

I am writing to reassure you that all of these measures, considered ‘best practices’, are routine protocols in our office. So when you call for an appointment, do not be surprised if we ask the screening questions; when you come in do not be surprised when we take your temperature; you probably won’t get any hugs or handshakes (smile – I know, you do not usually get a hug:-); PPE will be apparent, and we’ll be standing further apart than usual.

Like I teach the tai chi students, all the awareness and skills training, as well as the weapons (PPE) training, is to put you in a place of calm and confidence – even if surrounded by chaos. Safety. Security. Self-defense. It is all a spectrum. Feel free to call if you have questions or want to make an appointment: (425) 348-5207.

In health,


P.S. – And for more on these “interesting times” see prior Blog Posts beginning March 1st. There are more than a dozen that are germane (well, and a thousand others that might also be:-)

May 5, 2020

The Activator Method

“Scientific” Standards

Now that everyone is an authority, and everyone believes that their logic and rational is “scientific” and reasonable (acting or recommending – think Policy pronouncements – based on the best available “science” and out of an “abundance of caution”), we should all be that much more careful who we actually trust. More often than not we are confronted with the limitations of science.

Unfortunately, the more you dial down the scientific microscope on a subject or issue, the less its claims hold up to scrutiny: witness the mask-or-no-mask debate that currently rages. Here one element of the international chiropractic “scientific” community takes issue with statements put out by another element within the profession – they do include a link to authoritative recommendations on mask wearing too, by the way.

Critical thinking is critical; having a good idea what a scientific thought process would look like is essential; and recognizing a logical fallacy when it is offered is just as necessary. Put all of that together with good quality, objective, science and you have the ability to make really well informed decisions about personal choices and about policy. This convergence is rarely seen, however, and when has personal choice and policy not been influenced heavily by politics and profit motives among the vocal proponents? And when have we, or they for that matter, not gotten emotional about it?

In the end you have to decide what you will believe and what you will do – in the absence of scientific certainty. Here we are usually talking about what promotes health – usually beginning with what provides relief from back, neck and headache pain. We offer what evidence we come across, both about what does not work, and what does work as far as we can tell. In this country you do not have to believe it. And you can choose whatever you like. But who can you trust? And how far? When the limits of science have been exhausted, we should face up to that; then make the best decision we know how to at the time.

April 24, 2020

A Question of Numbers

We are all being asked to trust numbers: numbers tested, tests positive verses negative, cases confirmed, recovered number, and numbers of terminal cases. I think we should be less focused on numbers (that can not be trusted anyway), and pay more attention to the principles.

Here are a bunch of numbers regarding the Spanish Flu and chiropractic care. From what I can tell, no one would consider it scientific – and not just because of its age. But then anyone who looks would consider little done in health care at that time scientific, but that is another story.

What I think is important is to realize that while, nowadays, it is much more common for people to say wonderful things about chiropractic because of the results that they got with back pain, neck pain or headaches, in the past it was different. In the past sick people became desperate for results, got what help they could from modern mainstream medicine, and then went to see a chiropractor – and sometimes they got good results, so chiropractic got the credit.

Behind all of this is the big picture: some bugs (and non-bug viruses, of course) are bad, very bad. They might kill you. And… it is ALWAYS better to be in adjustment and fully functional – especially when the body is fighting a bug battle. It is a matter of risk factors (being subluxated is a risk factor for ill health by whatever description) and resistance. Decreasing risk factors will support an increase in resistance.

And thinking people do understand this: what are the primary recommendations for dealing with the current crisis: all of the same health-generating recommendations we are always giving, for the same reason – it promotes HEALTH (our speciality!). And, of course, tune up your hygeine and sanitation practices, keep your distance, etc.

Whether it is breathing, bracing, bending and lifting, or diet and nutrition, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise, we do what we do to promote health and wellness. It is useful when you are well; it is even more useful when you are sick.



April 6, 2020

Department of Homeland Security Memorandum

A March 28, 2020 memorandum from the Department of Homeland Security includes chiropractors on its “essential critical infrastructure workforce” advisory list:  “… ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.”

Doctors of Chiropractic are included on the advisory list under the Healthcare/Public Health section, which “identifies workers who conduct a range of operations and services that are typically essential to continued critical infrastructure viability.”

So, yes, we are open. (Screen and clean measures are in place; CDC guidelines followed.)


Click to access CISA_Guidance_on_the_Essential_Critical_Infrastructure_Workforce_Version_2.0_Updated.pdf

March 6, 2020

Are You Vulnerable?

This may be a good time for you to review your policies and procedures related to preventing disease and promoting health (not the same thing). Likely you are already an expert on washing hands and wearing gloves and masks.

If you breathe through your mouth, are you more or less vulnerable? You can think of every one of your policies and procedures (“habits” from now on) in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. It is a matter of risks and odds, health economics, if you will. Hopefully, we can agree that breathing through your nose is not about convenience or cost.

Speaking of breathing, what is your policy on air quality: are you trusting the indoor air quality, or are you filtering the indoor air that you breath, as a matter of habit, at home or in your work space? If you are not cleaning the air you breath, then you are taking the risk that you can afford that cost.

It is the same questions and the same thought process for a long list of habits: are you in the “habit” of Best Practices when It comes to the big three: physical, chemical, and emotional (mental) factors?

Is it a cost or an investment for you to wash your hands after using the toilet? Ok, it costs time, soap, and water. Most would consider it a wise investment in staying healthy. Staying in the bathroom, what about the thoughtful two-to-three times per week habit of doing a saline nasal wash (the Nedi Pot)? Are you more or less vulnerable if you do? Cost? Benefit? Risk? What would be a good “best practice” for you? (Actually, before we even get there, are you more or less vulnerable if you filtered that shower water in the Nedi Pot? No chlorine or other contaminants breathed into your lungs or allowed in or on your body? Cost? Benefit? Risk?)

Consider oil pulling in the same light, as another possible example. And consider that you may not know enough to make an “informed” decision. Getting informed is a cost. (Or is it an investment?)

I was in the office a local chiropractic doctor yesterday. He had produced a flyer for his reception room that reframed the current bug battle into an opportunity to market JuicePlus+ products – focusing, like all good chiropractors, on promoting health rather than fighting disease. JuicePlus+ is whole food, proven (like chiropractic adjustments) to enhance the immune system – making you less vulnerable.

When I got home there were fresh fruits and vegetables all over the kitchen table, just in from a shopping trip. I was thinking how mentally reassuring it is to know that they will all be washed with 2.5 pH and then 11.5 pH Kangen water before we eat them. A healthy habit, a best practice, but also the product of a very long cost-benefit-risk analysis – based on knowledge that informs the choice – in this case, to make the investment.

Whether it is breathing, bathing, buying supplements or a Kangen water machine, it is the same questions, same process. You can choose to be less vulnerable. Our Blog has over a thousand Posts that can help with the “informed” part. Start by washing your hands and breathing through your nose.

And we offer the chiropractic adjustments, JuicePlus+ (and Blue Green Algae), and Kangen water machines if you think that any of them will help you become less vulnerable.

February 19, 2020

Tai Chi In The News Again

They call it the “perfect exercise” for a reason!


February 17, 2020

Seattle King County Free Clinic (SKCC)

A good time was had by all! (Here is the SKCC site!)


December 27, 2019


From the Longevity Magazine Journal: https://www.worldhealth.net/news/2030-half-american-adults-will-be-obese/

For more on the CAUSE read “Hacking the American Mind”.

December 21, 2019

Your Brain Needs Exercise!



December 20, 2019

Zero Drop

From an email from Xero Shoes…

“It’s just a matter of time until everyone thinks like you do.

What I mean is that you’re on the leading edge when it comes to understanding the value of letting your feet do what’s natural — bending, flexing, and FEELING.

But when we see a mainstream publication like Men’s Health promotes an aspect of natural movement, we know it’s just a matter of time until what you already know becomes “normal.”

Here’s what they said, in favor of the philosophy behind one of Xero Shoes’ design features: not elevating your heel:

“Unlike four-legged animals, us bipeds didn’t evolve to stand or move about solely on the balls of our feet. We’re strongest, most powerful, and most stable when our entire foot is aligned, so when you elevate your heel above your toes, both your ankle mobility and overall stability take a hit.

That’s why “zero-drop” shoes can make such a difference in the gym. In shoe parlance, “drop” refers to the angle between your heel and your toes, so zero-drop shoes have just that—zero angle. Your heels and toes are level, just like they would be if you were hoofing around in bare feet. Zero-drops take some getting used to if your feet and legs are conditioned to raised-heel shoes, but many people who switch notice a boost in performance right away, especially in exercises that require good ankle mobility, such as the squat.”

Read the rest here: Men’s Health Magazine, then, whether you lift or run or walk or hike…”

October 8, 2019

Reminder: What We Already Know

Recently and, in particular, at the State chiropractic conference this past weekend I was aware of the vast numbers of companies selling nutritional supplements. The vendors’ speeches, the flashy brochures, and all the talk. Talk not always, or often backed up by serious science.

I was reminded of what we have in JuicePlus+, the most researched brand-name nutritional product in the world. There is real science; and from all of my investigations – including a trip the their annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona – the company does not make claims that are not supported by primary high quality (usually gold standard) research, conducted in top research centers, and published in the best peer-reviewed journals that there is.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” (Ann Wigmore)

JuicePlus+ is food, remember; probiotics and digestive enzymes are added (that is the ‘plus’). What exactly is in it and what exactly is not in it is certified by a third party verifying through independent testing that it meets and exceeds strict quality standards: it is NSF Certified.

JuicePlus+ helps bridge that gap between what we wish we ate and what we usually do eat: it helps us get closer to the 7-10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

And there is the research results…

Another reminder:

Here is what that science shows: JuicePlus+…

…contributes to cardiovascular wellness

…supports a healthy inflammatory response

…supports quality of life

…supports healthy cholesterol, LDL, and triglyceride metabolism

…supports healthy lung function

…supports healthy skin and gums

…supports the immune system

…helps maintain healthy DNA

…reduces oxidative stress

…and is absorbed by the body


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