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February 19, 2020

Tai Chi In The News Again

They call it the “perfect exercise” for a reason!


December 4, 2019

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th @ 1:30 P.M. (Kangen Water Demonstration with Howard Phillips!!!)

Where, you ask? At our Chiropractic office: 8625 Evergreen Way, #210, Everett, WA

(That is across from Fred Meyer on Evergreen Way in south Everett. Look for the only building with a balcony; then look for the yellow flowers. That is us.)

Here are a few Posts from our office Blog on Kangen water and why you might consider it.

Here is a Post on the various types of Kangen Water and how each can save you lots of time and money – not to mention the time and money associated with getting sick from contaminated water, fruits or vegetables!

‘Change your water, change your life’ is not just a slogan to these folks.

Me introducing Kangen water 7 years ago… this was our journey. My only regret is that I didn’t do Kangen water sooner.


July 9, 2018

Walk more!

Whatever else this means, it certainly means that we should walk more.

June 15, 2018

Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation Response Have Different Effects on Brain Function

Whenever I read about studies having to do with these or other related subjects (e.g., rehab, fitness training, self-defense tactics), I am struck by the fact that they are really researching Tai chi. (Here is the link to the discussion of the Study that provoked this Post.) Grey Cook’s book, Movement comes to mind as a classic example.

Tai Chi Chuan (the “Chuan” connotes the martial aspects of the discipline) is all of these things simultaneously; and more. People that I speak with know that I am a Tai Chi guy, so they just chalk it up to my enthusiasm. Some people, though, who are in the middle of the world of related research are able to appreciate the “complete” nature of Tai Chi Chuan.

Of course not all Tai Chi is equal: you have to have good instruction; and you have to practice correctly. But training within a traditional Tai Chi syllabus under good instruction provides as complete a system of exercise and self-defense, including all aspects of exercise (including rehab) as a person is going to find.


June 14, 2018

For Sleep Pray

The Impact Religion Has on Sleep Quality


“After examining these studies, the researchers concluded that people who have higher levels of religious involvement tend to have healthier sleep outcomes than their less religious counterparts.

Ellison believes the data suggests a person’s religious involvement benefits their mental health by reducing stress, promoting social engagement and support from fellow church members, providing psychological resources (hope, optimism, sense of meaning) and promoting healthier lifestyles (lower levels of substance abuse).”

October 5, 2017

What is the point of a Nobel Prize?

Well, it is too honor the contribution of the folks who receive the prize. But it is also to apply what has been learned to our daily lives – and thereby enrich those lives – or that might be one point, anyway.

So think about this year’s Nobel prize in terms of what it means to do all the things that people do that messes with their circadian rhythms – because it is profoundly impactful to their health and well fair.

August 11, 2017

For Tai Chi Students

May 8, 2017

Mindfulness and Fecal Transplants

I choose to share the link relating to mindfulness. It is about how Freshman stress less and smile more. You might like it!


March 26, 2017

For Tai Chi Students: Inspiration




October 9, 2015

Tai Chi – More Research on Benefits

“Newly published research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (2015), conducted by Dr. Yi-Wen Chen and colleagues at the Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, Canada, found that tai chi can be beneficial to people suffering with chronic illnesses.”

This site is always cluttered with Ads but the story is a good one and the research is new and insightful.

Tai Chi really is “the perfect exercise.”

Actually that reminds me a story one of my tai chi students told last night at class. He had seen his medic for a regular (I think) check up and the guy mentioned that my student was in the best shape since they had met. The medical doctor asked what he had been doing and gave a little demo, then the medical doctor said, “it looks like the perfect exercise.” Right on! Class starts Monday night, 7 p.m. at Peak Health & Fitness on the corner of Hewitt and Rucker in downtown Everett. The fee is only $10!

January 27, 2015

Ancient Beliefs Backed By Science

How nice.

This article talks about both Tai Chi and Meditation putting them in the same scale of revelation as the earth isn’t flat. Check it out if you need more evidence. If you already know that the earth is not flat it isn’t quite so important.

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