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March 16, 2020

For Tai Chi Students: Online Training

More stuff from my teacher, from the past…

March 6, 2020

Are You Vulnerable?

This may be a good time for you to review your policies and procedures related to preventing disease and promoting health (not the same thing). Likely you are already an expert on washing hands and wearing gloves and masks.

If you breathe through your mouth, are you more or less vulnerable? You can think of every one of your policies and procedures (“habits” from now on) in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. It is a matter of risks and odds, health economics, if you will. Hopefully, we can agree that breathing through your nose is not about convenience or cost.

Speaking of breathing, what is your policy on air quality: are you trusting the indoor air quality, or are you filtering the indoor air that you breath, as a matter of habit, at home or in your work space? If you are not cleaning the air you breath, then you are taking the risk that you can afford that cost.

It is the same questions and the same thought process for a long list of habits: are you in the “habit” of Best Practices when It comes to the big three: physical, chemical, and emotional (mental) factors?

Is it a cost or an investment for you to wash your hands after using the toilet? Ok, it costs time, soap, and water. Most would consider it a wise investment in staying healthy. Staying in the bathroom, what about the thoughtful two-to-three times per week habit of doing a saline nasal wash (the Nedi Pot)? Are you more or less vulnerable if you do? Cost? Benefit? Risk? What would be a good “best practice” for you? (Actually, before we even get there, are you more or less vulnerable if you filtered that shower water in the Nedi Pot? No chlorine or other contaminants breathed into your lungs or allowed in or on your body? Cost? Benefit? Risk?)

Consider oil pulling in the same light, as another possible example. And consider that you may not know enough to make an “informed” decision. Getting informed is a cost. (Or is it an investment?)

I was in the office a local chiropractic doctor yesterday. He had produced a flyer for his reception room that reframed the current bug battle into an opportunity to market JuicePlus+ products – focusing, like all good chiropractors, on promoting health rather than fighting disease. JuicePlus+ is whole food, proven (like chiropractic adjustments) to enhance the immune system – making you less vulnerable.

When I got home there were fresh fruits and vegetables all over the kitchen table, just in from a shopping trip. I was thinking how mentally reassuring it is to know that they will all be washed with 2.5 pH and then 11.5 pH Kangen water before we eat them. A healthy habit, a best practice, but also the product of a very long cost-benefit-risk analysis – based on knowledge that informs the choice – in this case, to make the investment.

Whether it is breathing, bathing, buying supplements or a Kangen water machine, it is the same questions, same process. You can choose to be less vulnerable. Our Blog has over a thousand Posts that can help with the “informed” part. Start by washing your hands and breathing through your nose.

And we offer the chiropractic adjustments, JuicePlus+ (and Blue Green Algae), and Kangen water machines if you think that any of them will help you become less vulnerable.

February 22, 2020

News Flash!!!!

How Does Your Water Measure Up?

After air, water is the most important nutrient. Most people take it totally for granted, with many other things on their mind. But if we do not make water a priority in our lives, the consequences of that choice will, eventually, dominate our priorities.

Find out about water quality: the water that you now drink, and some of the waters that other people drink. Learn how they measure up heath-wise.

My job is not to tell you what your priorities are; my job is to educate you so that your choices are INFORMED.

Howard Phillips will be giving a water quality demonstration on Saturday, February 29th at 1 p.m.

This will be at located at 18920 28th Avenue W. in Lynnwood (to the south of the Mall along that perimeter road). You can text him at (425) 345-0999 to let him know that you are coming.

He does the best job of anyone that I have seen doing these demonstrations and, between the two of us, we can answer any question that you have about water. (Actually there are probably dozens of Posts on this Blog about water that will help you get the big picture and discern some of the critical details.

January 20, 2020

Seth Godin on MLK, Jr.

And it bends toward justice

Superman could bend steel with his bare hands.

Along the way, we’ve been sold on the idea that difficult tasks ought to be left to heroes, often from somewhere far away or from long ago. That it’s up to them, whoever ‘them’ is.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted Theodore Parker: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

But it’s not bending itself. And it’s not waiting for someone from away to bend it either.

It’s on us. Even when it doesn’t work (yet). Even when it’s difficult. Even when it’s inconvenient.

Our culture is the result of a trillion tiny acts, taken by billions of people, every day. Each of them can seem insignificant, but all of them add up, one way or the other, to the change we each live through.

Sometimes it takes a hero like Dr. King to wake us up and remind us of how much power we actually have.

And now it’s our turn. It always has been.

January 10, 2020

A New Phrase: Longevity Warrior!


December 21, 2019

Your Brain Needs Exercise!



September 20, 2019

Seth Godin (He Keeps Getting Better)

At saying what shouldn’t need to be said in the first place!

“I know it’s bad – but everyone’s doing it”

The optimists who got excited about the ‘everyone has a microphone’ promise of the Net 20 years ago overlooked two flaws in human nature:

First, given sufficient reward (money, attention, fame, notoriety) some people will show up and say and do things that they know are wrong.

Second, if enough people are in the first group of bottom fishers, many other people may decide that those behaviors aren’t as wrong as they thought they were. The internet ends up normalizing bad behavior, because bad behavior captures our attention and gets noticed. We multiply the outliers in our imagination and come to the erroneous conclusion that their behavior is common, when it actually isn’t.

There are two ways forward, and both are up to us: First, we can start paying more attention (rewarding) good behavior. And second, we can start modeling precisely the sort of discourse and contributions we hope to see from others.

The best antidote to a culture shifting to bad behavior is to re-normalize good behavior.

How To Make the Simple Complicated, And Then Profit From It

Notice who will profit. 

Corporate capitalisms’ favorite trick: create a massive problem (mainstream medicine – including pharmaceuticals, then profit from pretending to address the problem). Examples abound.

August 29, 2019

Food Confusion and Science

Here is an article, solid in science, that adds context to the confusion of foods facts and dietary choices.

And like most reasonable folks these days, they can not talk about all of that without mentioning the Blue Zones.

But I guess you have heard me harp on that enough – dozens of Blog Posts are dedicated to that lifestyle.

August 11, 2019

Pregnancy, Research & JuicePlus+



Three (this might be the best one) Call (425) 348-5207 with questions or to place your Order!

Here is a review of the actual research…




July 2, 2019

9 Benefits of Tai Chi: Neil Rosiak (elder tai chi brother)

Tai Chi benefits: 9 reasons why you should be practicing Tai Chi Chuan

July 1, 2019

Who Decides What you Think About?

Here is a story (‘research’, pardon me), about what you think about verses what actually happens.

Well, it is actually way worse than this article implies: What is the third leading cause of death in this country? The cause not even mentioned in this research article that claims to list the top ten. (It is as interesting what you do not think about as it is what you do.)

But you may have read about the third leading cause of death in this country here recently. Shhhhhh, no one is supposed to think about that!

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