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June 25, 2018

Music Lessons Improve Language Skills

If you need more reasons to have your child learn to play music, here it is…


June 6, 2018

Recess: A Quality Playground Experience Matters


Summary: A new study reveals the quality of the playground experience during recess can have significant impact on a child’s emotional well being, behavior and cognition.

Source: Oregon State University.

July 31, 2015

$2,112.00 Free JuicePlus+ Products To One Child!!



I received an email the other day from the JuicePlus+ company informing me that one of the kid’s on the JuicePlus+ Children’s Health Study has completed all four years of the study.

What this means is that she has been getting JuicePlus+ every month for four years for free! At roughly $44 per month, that is a savings of $2,112 dollars. I say savings because her parents, who are on the products and enrolled her in the program would have had to pay that amount otherwise. There are over 150,000 participants in this health study.

Think about it. This kids has been eating 17 fruits and vegetables every single day – whole food, plus probiotics and added enzymes. Think about the effect that has had on her developing brain and body – the timing and the importance of that nutrition during that period of growth!!

I am thinking about the effect that this nutritional boost now will have for the rest of her life, but you don’t have to wait long for JuicePlus+ benefits. Here is what happens to these kids after only one year on these products:

56% of these kids take fewer over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs

60% miss fewer days of school

61% eat more fruits and vegetables

66% visit the doctor less

71% drink more water

71% consume less fast food and pop

89% are more aware of their own health

and 96% reap a positive benefit of some kind! (There should be an exclamation point after each of those don’t you think?)

When I talk with adults about the JP+ products I am careful not to give them any expectations of “feeling” anything. Health has a certain feeling alright but I can’t say how it might be expressed for you. Instead, I have them take a look at what happens inside the body when you take JuicePlus+.

When I am talking to the adults about the kids eating JuicePlus+ I usually share this: Miracle At A Wisconsin High School.

And what an amazing company to just give it away free to the kids… they also donate millions of dollars to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, but that’s a different story. (Yeah, I know, an adult does have to pay for their own Order to sponsor that child, but don’t miss the point!)

If you are interested in powerfully impacting a child’s health for the rest of their life, give us a call: 425.348.5207.

...or this!

…or this!

July 10, 2015

Kids and Chiropractic…


Something to think about if you have kids…

I first used that photo (above) as an illustration of how NOT to bend over, but it works here too:-)


June 15, 2015

The Pidgeon Finds A Hotdog


Can that kid draw or what?

April 22, 2015

JP+ Conference Video on the Research and the Children’s Health Study

Place your Order here!

Call for more information: 425.348.5207

Demand Higher Standards

September 2, 2014

Back To School!


Every parent should see this Post by Seth Godin.

If you haven’t seen his Stop Stealing Dreams, you should.

April 15, 2014

The Need For Pretend Play In Child Development

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A good read…

April 5, 2014

Dr. Sears Talks To Pediatrians

A smarter way to raise a child; or How to Raise a Smarter Child: Go fish, go blue, go green, and go nuts… and get JuicePlus+ here!

Undercover JuicePLus+ Kids


On Another note

I had a 5-year old on the adjusting table the other day for his third visit. On his first visit I found his leg balance off just a bit and he had just a few subluxated joints – one at the top of his neck, one at the bottom of his low back, and one in the pelvis (What’s a “Subluxation”?). By the second visit the neck pain he had experienced since being in a car accident six months earlier was essentially gone.

Anyway, on this third visit, before I even said anything out loud, his mother and I both noticed that his legs were off by a lot – more than any previous visit – she commented about it and I said, as I often do, “Has he fallen off a cliff or been hit by a train since he was in last”? She started to say no, but interrupted herself with a slightly shocked look on her face.

Then she recounted how he was on his 14-year old brothers’ shoulder’s at church, fell off, and the older brother had count him by his ankle, preventing a hard landing. We agreed that that might account for it.

By then, though, I had found something else: two subluxated joints that had been fine on his prior visits – one at the bottom of his neck, and another one in his lower back. I said something to him about how that fall must have been scary and he said, “Yeah, but I only hit my head!”

I checked his head for golf balls and we parted ways for another week…:-)

After considering what a Subluxation is, it might be enlightening to contemplate that not all kids benefit from chiropractic care (and why). This kid was checked out by mainstream medicine following the auto accident and released without treatment. What if his mother had not known a physical therapist who made the connection (between car accident and neck pain) and recommended the mother bring him in for chiropractic care? What if those subluxations, and the church additions, were allowed to remain uncorrected? Just something to think about.

April 7, 2013

Chiropractic Helps Children With Brain Disorder

Chiropractic Helps Children With Brain Disorder

What could be more simple?

What could be more important?

What is stopping you from having you kid checked for subluxations?

December 21, 2012

Just Another Form of Exercise?

1 Beautiful Rose

Bill Douglas of the World Tai Chi & Qigong Day site shared this in his most recent email newsletter.

Autism & Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Qigong

Helping children with special needs can be a challenge. And while a number of state and local agencies exist to help parents with special needs children, several avenues of help are often overlooked or ignored: Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qi Gong. In 2004, I began training a group of ten children; doctors thought my approach was voodoo. But eventually all of the autistic children dropped out of the medical treatment programs in which they were enrolled and stopped taking the drugs that were part of the medical treatment. Working with the kids, I began by teaching beginning Shaolin Kung Fu stances and footwork (to work the inner yin and outer yang pressure points in their feet). The students then began learning Tan Tui’s, which allowed them to work both sides of their bodies. Working both sides of the body made changes in the brain, connecting the two hemispheres. Most Kung Fu systems use the same basic training, stances and forms, and most of these forms teach right / left and circular movements. The kids practiced gentle tai chi movements, again to improve their left-right coordination and body control. I also had them run, tumble, jump, throw, and catch balls as well as practice coordinated kicks. When I started working with this group of kids I spoke to my Sifu Grand Master Kam Yuen seeking his advice. He gave me some instructions on changing the children’s energy field using Chinese Energetics. And he said don’t label or lump them together as Autistic; each child is unique. Barbara Soraniono, whose pediatric therapist referred her and her son Max to the class was ecstatic: “I’m so happy this class is offered. Already we see improvement in his motor skills and greater a body and self-confidence.”

Sifu Ford Edwards runs Little Tao Dragon (www.littletaodragon.com); you may contact him at fordvedwards@verizon.net

Special thanks to Dr. Sifu Nadine Shozuya who also taught these classes, and to Larry Barkley for helping with the article.

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