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December 6, 2017

Greek Egg Recipes: The Mediterranean Diet


I love this gal’s Blog and her recipes. She does a great job of putting everything in context.



November 4, 2017

5 Facts About Olive Oil Worth Knowing


June 21, 2017

Olive Oil (Again!) – More Good (Brain) News


June 19, 2017

More on the Mediterranean Diet


Actually, I was going to entitle this Post, “Blogging Made Easy.”

Here you go!

February 2, 2017

More On The Mediterranean Diet, This Time As It Relates to Mood

What’s not to like. Here is a Blog Post by one of my favorite Greek writers on a Study that shows just one more reason to eat like the Greeks. I recommend her Blog whole-heartedly if you want to learn how to cook like the Greeks (for the purposes of health – Note: she adheres precisely to the recommendations of the BlueZone folks; I don’t think that that is an accident).



November 22, 2013

Not Really News But Good to Know…

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Four important superfoods to try and get into your regular diet.

It isn’t really, but Greek food seems to all be superfoods:-)

September 26, 2013

Greek Potatoes

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We’ve had a surplus of Zucchini and last week I had to use up some potatoes as well, so I reached for The Complete Book of Greek Cooking, and wah lah (I don’t know if that is how you spell that:-), I found “Courgette and Potatoe Bake” on page 187.

“Courgette” is Greek for Zucchini I guess. We were missing only the bell pepper, so I made it. It was really only Greek style baked potatoes that I was looking for so it was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful way to cook squash. This is very simple an easy to make, but takes 90+ minutes so… we ate a little late:-)

It tastes as good as it looks though and is worth the wait!!

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