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March 9, 2018

Indoor Air Quality & Pregnancy



October 28, 2014

Tis The Season… to think about indoor air quality

Hayden and KaLynn, March, 2009

Hayden and KaLynn, March, 2009

This is a good summary article on the issues involved in indoor air quality. None are new and most are old news, but it’s good to be reminded (I blew out two red scented candles last night at home). We use the “Defender” air purifiers by FilterQueen both at home and here at the office. They are as good as you can get. So you can breath freely around here:-)

You can’t hide from it Hayden:-)

December 29, 2011

Nonbiological pollutants

Master Wang Doing a Double Sword Form

Indoor Air Pollutants

Here are a couple of discussions about the health impacts of poor indoor air quality.

The long version.

The short version.

Here the EPA talk about Formaldehyde, one of the main culprits.

The bottom line

Air quality is critically important. We are wise to be aware in this area. We can not avoid the contaminants, so we are probably wise to invest in the best air purifiers we can afford. We would also be wise to “air out” our work spaces and homes often.

Because we can’t avoid breathing some of these pollutants in, we would be wise to have a “de-tox” thought process in place that helps to deal with getting these things out of our bodies.

I am reminded of a Boeing Tai Chi Club picnic that I was invited to once. A Master Wang from China was the honored guest. He was leading a group in some Qi Gong when they started up the Barbeque. The second he smelled the smoke from the Barbeque he stopped all activity and moved to get away from the smoke.

There is a reason (or several) that Tai Chi folks choose Parks to practice in (most natural surroundings – better quality air), and early morning (better quality air), and often near water (better quality air with more negative ions).

BTW, “nonbiological” pollutants struck be as an interesting way to say man-made. It’s estimated that we modern humans are exposed to over 70,000 made-made chemicals in our environment that our ancestors did not experience. These tend to do harm in our bodies one way or the other in the long run. We are wise to be aware and take what measures we can.

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